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Vinyl Siding Company - Eau Claire, WI

Prodigy® Insulated Wall System

Reduce Energy Costs Year-Round

Vinyl Siding Eau ClaireThe Prodigy Insulated Wall Vinyl Siding System is your ticket to a more comfortable home. Our foam insulation can be up to 1.5 inches thick, which helps you keep your energy bills low and keep your home at the perfect temperature. Each of our Prodigy profiles offer different benefits depending on your situation. Window World of Eau Claire’s certified home improvement & vinyl siding specialists can help you pick which one is right for you.

The Prodigy Wall System not only helps you keep your heating and cooling costs low, it also improves the resale value of your home. The exterior vinyl siding will look great and withstand the elements, and the foam insulation will keep the house comfortable no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Prodigy Features:
•  Up to 1-1/2” thick precisely contoured insulation* to reduce energy costs
•  TrueForm Design
•  RigidLock Locking feature
•  Premium 6” exposure width
•  Subtle, finely milled cedar grain finish
•  Lifetime, transferable warranty

Comfort World 4000 Energy Plus Vinyl Siding

Durable and Energy Efficient

Vinyl Siding Eau Claire WisconsinOur Comfort World 4000 Energy Plus Vinyl Siding is built to last. With 1.25 inches of insulation covered by durable vinyl siding, it keeps your Eau Claire home impervious to both outside elements and temperatures. It is also earned a Perm Rating of 5, due to its incredibly moisture-resistant design. Our Energy Plus siding is built to resist 5 times as much impact power as conventional siding, giving it the ability to last through extreme weather and normal household accidents.

Comfort World 4000 Energy Plus Features:
•  Premium 1-1/4” Energy Efficient Insulation* Thickness
•  Advanced Rolled-Over Nail Hem
•  Unique Panel Locking Design
•  Superior Durability
•  Straight and True Course Lines
•  Oak Grain or Matte Finish
•  Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding

Advanced Locking System for Superior Strength

Thanks to its advanced locking system, our Comfort World 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding is extraordinarily robust. It is so sturdy that it has been proven in independent lab tests to withstand 155 mph winds and extremely heavy rainfall – weather usually found in Category 5 hurricanes. Its advanced locking system gives this type of replacement vinyl siding another boost in rigidity, and like all Window World of Eau Claire products, it looks great on any home. Its sleek-looking yet solid design will keep your home dry on the inside and beautiful on the outside.

Comfort World 4000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding Features:
•  Superior Advanced Locking System Panel Design
•  Rolled-Over Nail Hem
•  Uniquely Designed Locking System
•  Superior Rigidity
•  Straight Course Lines & Walls
•  Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 2000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding

Easy Care Appearance

Comfort World 2000 is a great product at a great price! Its durable interlocking system will keep your home protected from Eau Claire’s outside weather and will keep your exterior walls looking like new. It is easy to securely fasten it to your wall, thanks to its double-staggered nail slots and its double-thick nailing hem. And as a bonus it looks just like wood siding because of its wood grain textured finish! All you have to do is spray it occasionally with a garden hose to keep it looking spectacular.

Comfort World 2000 Reinforced Vinyl Siding Features:
•  Advanced Lock Design
•  Double-Staggered Nail Slots
•  Double-Thick Nailing Hem
•  Easy Care Wood Grain Textured Finish
•  Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 1500 Reinforced Vinyl Siding

The Look of Custom Wood Without the Expensive Upkeep

Comfort World 1500 Reinforced Vinyl Siding looks just like custom wood siding, but without the expensive maintenance. A beautiful product, Comfort World 1500 will help your home in Eau Claire look attractive while also protecting it from extreme weather, including to hurricane-velocity winds. Its cedar grain wood texture will make your neighbors jealous, and its reinforced rolled-top nailing hem will keep it securely fastened to your home.

Comfort World 1500 Vinyl Siding Features:
•  Reinforced Rolled-Top Nailing Hem
•  Custom Wood Appearance That Won’t Chip, Crack, or Blister
•  Notable Shadow Lines
•  Beautiful Details Characteristic of Freshly Painted Wood
•  Cedar Grain Custom Wood Texture
•  Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Comfort World 1000 Vinyl Siding

Outstanding Performance at an Affordable Price

Comfort World 1000 is our most economical replacement vinyl siding option. Designed to give you more bang for your buck, it will keep your home protected from extreme weather since it is secured to the wall with a strengthened rolled-top nailing hem. Not only will it keep your home dry, it is incredibly easy to maintain. Once installed, Comfort World 1000 Vinyl Siding will last for years to come.

Comfort World 1000 Vinyl Siding Features:
•  Strengthened Rolled-Top Nailing Hem for Outstanding Performance
•  Resistant to Extreme Weather
•  Easy-Care Maintenance
•  Classic Look-of-Wood Beauty
•  Natural Cedar Grain Texture
•  Lifetime Transferable Warranty

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